The hook of the day…

Why heal?? That is the question?? Will all dis-ease and physical concerns are showing you something. What?? Will it is showing you something is wrong within, within the way you are functioning in life which is not in balance.  For if all was in balance there would be no dis-ease! Let alone, yes there is genetics factored in here, but even genetics is a characteristic trait that produces a behavior pattern to be looked at that is causing this dis-ease.  Sometimes it can be complicated but it is truth, your truth.  It is how we can get to know more about ourselves and what were all about and…isn’t that why were here anyway?? Growth, experience and learning??  So why not go within and look, learn and take action on healing??  Its a constant everlasting focus that truly is beneficial! We can focus on the physical but really things can be changed before they go physical.  If they are already physical then by all means take action to get to know this part of yourself and see what is off balance. The hook, look within!

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