The hook of the day… 
Staying Conscious! Most of us walk around asleep and then following the next big adventure or wave that comes our way.  But is it our truth, Your Truth?  Is it what we really need to be doing?? 

The next level of awareness is becoming more aware and staying awake even when you think you want a break or become lazy and allow life to form itself. It is in these moments when life takes over that we want to be most conscious, step back and take an assessment of what is taking place. This is when you want to become aware and realize you may be misled.  

Staying conscious doesn’t mean no breaks, for breaks are needed… but does mean to really look at what’s motivating the break!!  Is it an avoidance? A resistance?  Or just a plan NO, I’m not doing that?  By looking deeper within yourself to these patterns you wake up rather then sleep through life.  

It is usually when we shut down or stop that we quit and then you are no longer consciously living but sleeping through life and allowing it to form itself.  This is an important thing to become aware of and is the beginning of you becoming more consciously aware of what you are listening to and possibly preventing being misled. This is the connection between you and dis-ease in the body as well as connection between you and truth.  

There is no separation even though you might think there is…there really isn’t! When we do not listen to the quiet inner voice within we cause dis-ease in our body.  There is a connection.  To really be doing conscious living in each and every moment is truly a gift! 

The hook, be awake!
Kelly Kurek

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